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The Projects of First Due Woodworks  


The remodeling can range from changing the color of the room to what is in your imagination. These shots are from a 1964 house that we were tasked with remodeling and it stretched our spirits and our grit!. We began some of the demo of bathrooms and found most things way out of date and very shoddily placed. We had to in many area's take the rooms or areas we were working all the way down to studs and rework and replace everything. This includes HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing. We as well did all Interior Design work.

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The custom furniture side of First Due Woodworks can make any and all wood creations. We can make small band saw boxes to larger cabinets. We also can put almost any style finishes on them from stain grade to this lovely hall cabinet with stained drawers and a distressed paint grade finish. 

They can go from big to small we will be happy to make them all! We will be happy to make projects from any and all species of wood. We like to use all manners of construction from the old fashioned techniques to the quicker modern ways. The only limitation is your imagination.

Wooden Flags

       These are hand carved flags made from Pine, These are beautiful displays of this great country! They are made from 1x Pine and made from scratch and finished to perfection! 

These flags are made all the time and we are able to custom make flags of your choosing. All countries flags are available for making. Not just country flags we also love to make the flags of this great nations military branches!

United States Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force and the Coast Guard. We also love to support our Public Safety personnel by their respective flags. Fire Fighter's, EMS, Police and Dispatchers.

Just let us Know!!

Custom Crafts

Custom Pens


This is a beautiful key rack made from Oak pallet wood which was destined for the eternal garbage heap but now is a beautiful piece that you could enjoy every day. Has a beautiful Tung Oil finish which just shows that beautiful grain of Oak. Has 4 brass hooks for your keys and can hold an 8 x 10 picture in the clear section above. The back is removable so you can add your favorite picture of your family that you get to see when you leave and the first thing you see when you get to your home. 

This is just a small sample of the pens that First Due makes and can make signing all day feel much better. We can make literally 100 different styles of pen parts including the clips, pen styles, colors and styles of pens. We also make so many different pens out of so many different materials. We love to use exotic style hardwoods that we get from all over the world. We also make our own Acrylic style pens which are unique and beautiful. The most unusual is we melt down plastic bottle lids to make truly incredible pen blanks that brings new life to recycling! 

We love literature as well and love to make book cases. We will make just about any and all sizes, finishes and styles. This is a very large one we made for a commercial customer that was over 25 feet wide and 8 feet tall and was painted in place. We can go as big as you want or small as you would like. We always use the customers wishes to base the design off of such as concealed hardware, adjustable pins, fixed shelves and doors to keep dust out. The possibilities are endless. 

Cutting Boards

Desks and Tables

These are the different cutting boards we have made using all hardwoods! We even now have our own special First Due Finishing wax that is used to finish our boards. What is pictured are regular cutting boards with different materials and orientations.These are cutting boards for your kitchen. First Due would like to help you with serving trays as well as charcuterie boards.

These are different Desks both commercial and residential style we have and can make for you! We are able to use many and most all style's of materials. We are working on to add Epoxy with some of our tables and trays to your liking. Please let us help you design and fabricate your heirloom projects.  

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