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Meet the First Due Team


David Reynolds

I am David Reynolds the founder and Owner of First Due Woodworks. I also am the lead builder and designer of everything so I kinda run a bunch of this awesome Company!!! But I could not do it with out the rest of the crew! Especially the pretty blond one. 


Brandy Reynolds

I am  Brandy Reynolds the lead supporter and the ultimate one to approve any and all matters. Thats what happens after 22 years of marrage. That is a really good thing by the way!

Dev Sanding.JPG

Devin Reynolds

I'm Devin Reynolds I am the first Born and the shop apprentice. I like to make anything Dad tells me to but that usually lasts about 5 minutes on a good day. I still help though!!! 

The rest of the team as well!


Tinley Reynolds

I'm Tinley the 15 year old really smart girl that get's really excited when I see what Dad created. I'm going to help at some point but my main job is school & Soccer!!!


Abby Reynolds

I'm the Shop dog I like to walk out and lay on the comfy mats and get under everyones feet as they try to work, but hey I'm a dog!!!

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